Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Retail Version!

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We’re excited to announce that Saitek has partnered up with Dovetail Games to distribute at retail a boxed version of the immensely popular Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition game. As one of the World’s Most Favorite Flight Simulators, the game enables you to take off from anywhere in the world, flying some of the most iconic aircraft to any one of 24,000 destinations. Plan your own flight in Free Flight mode, or test your flying prowess in missions including Search and Rescue, Test Pilot, Carrier Operations, and more.

Included in the box is your personal Boarding Pass and Steam Product Activation Code, a Quick Start Guide and a new catalog covering the full range of Saitek’s Pro Flight products. Also included is a 15% off coupon for the First Flight Bundle!

Take Control of 24 Meticulously-rendered aircraft ranging from single prop aircraft to fighter jets and helicopters and test your flight skills through over 80 challenging missions around the world. Fly solo offline or compete against friends in thrilling online multiplayer Air Races and explore the world of aviation with weather effects, seasonal changes and time of day all impacting your experience.

Boxed version will be available late spring 2015. Click here to pre-order.

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2015 Youth Flight Simulation Championship in Nanjing

Wincheers1Saitek is proud to be a part of the 2015 Youth Flight Simulation Championship in Nanjing, China. Our distributor Wincheers has signed a contract with the China General Administration of Sport for the event which will happen in July. In addition to sponsoring the event for RMB200,000 Wincheers is supplying the Pacific AV8R flight stick for the tournament. Continue reading

The Pacific AV8R is the exclusive device for the 2015 Youth Flight Simulation Championship

The Pacific AV8R is the exclusive device for the 2015 Youth Flight Simulation Championship

The first round training course was held on January 17th and various Saitek products were used to gain experience.

More info on the event can be found here, here, and here.

Good luck to all participants!



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FlightSimCon 2015: Saitek On Approach For First Time

Banner_1200x700-FSC-2015Saitek is pleased to announce that for the first time we are sponsoring and exhibiting at FlightSimCon at the New England Air Museum. In addition to exhibiting our Pro Flight Simulator products, we’ll have givevaways and possibly some important announcements. Frooglesim will be stopping by the booth so you can visit him as well. We’ll have more details as the weekend approaches so stay tuned!  Continue reading

If you are a desktop flight simulation enthusiast or a pilot looking for more information about how desktop flight simulation can benefit you—this event is for you!

FlightSimCon is an annual aviation and flight simulation conference designed to bring pilots and flight simmers together in an interactive social setting. Conference attendees have the opportunity to meet other simulation enthusiasts, experience how online flight simulation can benefit student and rated pilots, and engage with exhibitors and speakers to learn about improving their desktop flight simulators.

Go here now to register for FlightSimCon!

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VIDEO: Flying in Grand Theft Auto V with X55 Rhino

YouTuber McCheung88 has very cleverly created a profile that enables you to fly in GTA V (PC) using the X55 Rhino. In the video above he shows you how he did it: by mapping the throttle to the “W” key at intervals that correspond to a % of the throttle applied. If you want to download his profile for GTA V you can do so in the video description here.

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Need an X55? Order now from our store and get FREE SHIPPING plus a F.R.E.Q.3 headset! Headset available in red, white, and black. Supplies are limited.

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PC Pilot Interview and Update on DCS / Saitek

PC Pilot Saitek Interview DCS WorldIf you are at all interested in the future flight simulation you must read the new May/June issue of PC Pilot magazine which features an exclusive interview with Monty from Saitek. We talk about the history of Saitek, where we’ve been, and where we are heading next. Available now at your local newsstand or order a digital copy.

Also in the issue are interviews with Dovetail games, A2A Simulations (have a look at the incredible general aviation craft that have received A2A’s Accu-Sim love recently), and more!


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DCS World is featured as well in the issue and as mentioned in the interview, the efforts of ArturDCS and his team in getting Saitek Pro Flight gear working in DCS. There have been numerous updates lately and here is the current compatibility list:

DCS World – DCS-BIOS supported modules:

  • A-10C
  • UH-1H
  • MiG-21bis

Supported Saitek Hardware:

  • Switch Panel (PZ55) (keyboard emulator / DCS-BIOS)
  • Multi Panel (PZ70) (keyboard emulator / DCS-BIOS)
  • TPM (keyboard emulator / DCS-BIOS)
  • Radio Panel (DCS-BIOS only)
  • BIP (DCS-BIOS only)

And here are some test videos showing the panels in action!

Link to forum thread with downloads and instructions.
Please consider donating to the team for their continuing efforts.

Need some Saitek Flight Sim Panels?


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